You’ll Need A Money Coach To Make It Big Financially

Have you tried and tried, without success to make it financially? Have you prayed, planned, strategized and taken action only to see minimal and meager results? Have you ever wondered why others may be succeeding but not you?

Perhaps you may be thinking that making plenty of money is not for you. Maybe you are at the verge of descending into gloom and despair that nothing seems to work. Well I’ve got good news for you. There are perhaps one or two tweaks we need to make regarding your efforts in order for you to begin firing. One cannot continue doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. This is why I have come to encourage you to sign up for the services of a money coach to help turn your financial situation around.

Now coaches are those special sets of people that help others, especially athletes achieve and exceed their potential. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s best players work with them not to talk of Serena Williams and Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton and Manny Pacquiao among a few of the world’s top athletes. Even the best entertainers, executives and politicians work with coaches. What about you?

A money coach is specifically an individual who works with others to change their money stories and experiences from negative to positive. Nearly everyone has financial goals that we want to achieve. Now while the goals may be clear the means to achieve them may be hazy. This is where a money coach makes the difference, using experienced eyes to see through the stumbling blocks and provide the much needed direction in order to make it big financially.

Truth be told, many of us can hardly do anything tangible on our own. Many times we may set out doing fine but after a little while we lose course and fail in our quest to become rich. Along the line failures, doubts, fears, discouragements and negative self-beliefs begin to derail us. This is where a coach comes in. Your money coach continues to teach, motivate, encourage and provide feedback that can be useful so you can counter limiting factors.

Our behaviours around money are usually part of a pattern that either takes us towards plenty or little. A money coach understands and assists one in following the right patterns, habits and activities that determine one’s financial future. Because such a person is looking from outside your situation there is a better chance of getting to terms with what patterns that one is following that is causing one to get undesirable results.

It’s also important to throw in the fact that almost no one likes to be coached, or to be told what to do. We all think that we do know enough to make our way in the world, but in the realm of finance I have discovered to my utmost chagrin that most people know little or nothing about money and how it operates. They make silly money decisions and expect to win the lottery and solve all their money problems! This is not the way to build wealth and fortune.

What about those people who made a fortune and lost it all? Society is full of people who hit the highs of wealth and fortune, only to lose everything in the shortest possible time. Individuals like the boxer Mike Tyson made and lost a fortune of over 300 million dollars. It is easier to make money than it is to maintain it. Many people in this situation normally lament the lack of any credible financial advice from anyone in their circle which led them to financial ruin, though it is debatable that they would have taken heed to good advice. Nonetheless having a money coach would have opened such people up to the folly of just spending money anyhow and not planning for years when you might be unable to earn as much.

It’s also very sad to observe that many people are set up to fail financially right from the beginning of their lives. They are not taught about money while in school and their parents can hardly help matters, as more often than not they are also failures in the acquisition of wealth. Financially irresponsible parents end up raising financially irresponsible children and the cycle continues. A money coach can really help change the financial destinies of their clients.

Nigeria, and indeed most of Sub-Saharan Africa has very few money coaches that are readily available and accessible but you must do all you can to seek them out. One alternative is to invest in getting books, tapes and other resources of successful money coaches and apply the learnings to your situation. For instance I consider Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Napoleon Hill and Mike Murdock as my money coaches because I have invested in their materials in a bid to improve my financial life. One can start out this way until you start to meet people whose can make a more direct impact in your financial affairs. There may not be many but look around and you will find someone that is willing to help you. Please remember that hiring a money coach comes with a cost

I know you may have tried without success but please try again but this time with a money coach in your life. Ensure you commit to doing whatever you are told or instructed from their useful materials and keep applying till you see your desired results. It will not be long before your financial situation will begin to change for the better. Mine did and I know yours will also.


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