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Check out these 10 tech ideas if you want to make money

Check out these 10 tech ideas if you want to make money
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I love to make money, absolutely! There’s nothing better than defeating the forces of poverty in my life. Very few things are in reality sweeter than being able to afford the best in life. Making money is a rewarding pastime, honestly!

There’s no doubt that the rich are the ones we all want to be like. Outwardly we pretend that we don’t like them, but inwardly we lust after their wealth and affluence. We all want to be rich and financially successful, and that’s a fact.

The million dollar question remains how are we gonna get there? What does one have to do to make money? Surely there’s some method or formula to this wealth business? Truthfully and honestly speaking there are many formulas. Permit me to focus on one in this post. I’m dwelling on starting a business with a sound business idea as key to wealth.

Now a business is an activity setup to achieve an objective. This objective leads to an exchange of products, services or ideas in return for money. Business is clearly one of the most popular ways to make money. In fact, every single person in the Forbes list of richest people in the world own their own businesses. You’re not likely to go wrong if you choose to go down the same path.

The choice of going into business is definitely a wise one. That settled we now need to decide on which idea to enter the marketplace with. I have taken the liberty to compile 10 business ideas that could help change your financial fortunes:

Ride Hailing Services

First of all the advent of technology has given rise to tech companies like uber, lyft and taxify. These are essentially apps which connect drivers with passengers directly. Passengers basically book rides by requesting on their smartphones. Ride hailing service providers comprise private car owners who provide taxi services to commuters at a lower cost with less hassle. Anyone with a good car, drivers licence and bank account can sign up. One is certain to make money daily especially in the city or urban areas.

Freelance writing services

Are you a writer? Do you have a niche or area of specialization? There exists a vast majority of organizations seriously looking for top quality content in your niche. Freelance writing enables you to work hard at providing content for publication for a robust fee. One could easily be making $5,000 monthly once you know how to write and attract clients.    Bamidele Onibalusi of writersincharge.com and Carol Tice of makealivingwriting.com have mentored lots of people who make four figures monthly from their writing. They’ll get you up to speed making money from your writing.


A blogger also writes and publishes content tailored to his own online publication. Bloggers create content in their areas of expertise which they share with the public in their niche area or topic. There are literally bloggers in every field of endeavour and interests/hobbies. All blogging requires is a website and the ability to create content readers find useful. Once you become an authority in your field your blog can be monetized to earn money. There are certainly many bloggers earning six figures monthly. Check out  Darren Rowse of problogger.com and Jon Morrow of smartblogger.com for insights on how to succeed while blogging.

Social media promoter

Another money making opportunity in the wake of technology’s evolution is that of social media promoter. Many brands and individuals are using social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram to influence others. It is this influence that  drives patronage. A social media promoter helps clients get the most out of social media, usually clicks and likes. There are lots of experts out there that you can learn from, such as Neil Patel of neilpatel.com and the guys from later.com who teach people to get the most out of instagram.

Online retailing/E-commerce

Online retailing is the game changer for people whose business involves selling products to consumers. Retailers create their own store front on the online retail site, and upload their products. The site usually has loads of traffic and a buyer can click to purchase your offering online. The product is now shipped to the customer who pays in advance or on delivery. Online retailing essentially requires having quality products to sell at good prices. And for a fee the online retailer will do the rest. Check out sites like jumia.com, kilimall.com and konga.com to learn how to become a vendor.

Sports betting franchise

Predicting the outcome of sports games is the pastime of millions of youth in Sub Saharan Africa. Sports betting centres are springing up everywhere to take advantage of this opportunity. In this present era of economic hardship, many Africans are turning to sports betting to earn an income. Most of them would rather believe they can make easy money. Africans follow the English Premiership passionately and love to bet on the outcome of matches.  Sports betting can also be done online. Sportpesa, Betway and Betnaija are examples of sports betting companies.

Building & maintaining websites

Website development is also another money making idea. This basically involves creating quality websites for businesses and individuals. A website is an online location to showcase your business, or other offerings with a unique address. It’s highly important that this location must have a look and feel that promotes your image.  Website development is now highly simplified with tools like wordpress and sitebuilder in use. It’s important to also offer maintenance services to your clients to keep the site’s quality. This essentially means you can continue making money even after site design.


Everyone probably has some expertise or skill that can be monetized by creating training programs. Right now I’ve given up on attending traditional training courses and seminars. This is because I can easily find a training course or program online for anything i need to know. The e-learning market is currently estimated as being worth over $150 billion! Imagine taking a slice off this pie. Some of the most popular service providers include udemy.com and coursera.org. Stephanie Obi is probably Nigeria’s foremost coach on online courses. Log onto stephanieobi.com for valuable insights on how to create your own online courses.


There is a huge demand for consulting services as well. This is due to the fact the individuals and businesses require assistance to unlock their potential. Practically every field of human endeavour has people who provide consultation to others as a service. This is open to professionals who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Entrepreneur.com has an excellent article on how to start a consulting business and make money.

Online Research

The internet is currently the largest storehouse of information on every topic there is. It’s probably the first port of call for data and useful insights. Opportunities exist for people to make money from providing online research services. This involves finding out relevant and timely information that your client is willing to pay for. I highly recommend that you read Alyssa Gregory’s article on the pros and cons of starting an internet research business for helpful insights.

So what are the next steps to make money?

First of all, the key to making money is possessing the right information. I’d encourage you to read this article again. Click on the links embedded in the text to get additional insights.

Secondly, do further research on each of the opportunities presented. Feel free to reach out to me at money@moneytalkng.com for assistance to better understand any of these ideas. Don’t forget to do a feasibility study and understand the funding requirements for startup.

Thirdly decide if you want to run any of these business ideas full time or part time. Nearly all the ideas can be run as either. Once you decide commit to starting on one of these ideas within the next 30 days.

Finally 8 out of these ideas require you to work online. This means you can literally work from anywhere once you have a computer and internet access. This is as a result of the technological advancements we are experiencing right now. Don’t delay in making technology your friend. It’s the key to building wealth and financial success now and in the foreseeable future.






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