10 reasons why you can’t leave building wealth to God alone


    God wants to support your efforts in building wealth, however your input is required

    God alone can’t make you wealthy!  Now that’s a fact! Building wealth and riches isn’t something you can just delegate to God, and kick around doing nothing. It’s certainly one of the major reasons why many are failing financially these days.

    Does God want His people to be wealthy? Definitely. Would He like to see them attain financial success? You bet. In fact God takes pleasure in seeing people excel financially. He’s a dedicated and loving father, always willing to help his people.

    God dwells where money doesn’t matter. He really doesn’t need your money. Money, however is extremely important. There is surely a definite purpose in having money, lots of it. Because truly speaking money is power. And having lots of it will give you a voice.

    Now here are 10 good reasons why God alone can’t make you wealthy:

    Building wealth requires a partnership model – God and the individual

    Serious wealth is actually the product of the efforts of both God and the individual. God’s role is to provide direction, hope, encouragement, ideas, wisdom et al. God’s not supposed to write business plans, or make pitches and presentations to investors on your behalf!

    Any individual desiring serious wealth has the yeoman task of translating all God gives him/her into actionable plans. He usually does His part, but the problem is we hardly do ours. And when things don’t work out?  We quickly blame others! He who desires the prize, must be willing to pay the price!

    God doesn’t print money!

    Dollars, Pounds or Euros are not legal tender where God dwells. Sovereign nations have their own currency.  So this means that printing them outside of these countries would be illegal. And there’s no way God would do anything illegal to ensure you had plenty of money.

    His modus operandi is to breathe upon your efforts. He can cause people to favour you. His presence usually opens doors. His inputs combined with your sincere efforts should provide you the keys to wealth and fortune.

    God gave you a mind for building wealth

    Wealth building is highly intellectual. It requires rational and logical thought. It entails the rapid deployment of tactics and strategy. God, definitely created man with a mind so he could think through things and decide on several courses of action. All wealth is the product of an idea. Ideas are products of the mind.

    Furthermore, God is not going to think for you. Mankind is His creation. When you see man you’re seeing God’s image and likeness. Out of all God’s creations we stand out. We have a mandate to rule our environment.

    God empowers and equips you for building wealth

    God has already given man the power to make wealth. In addition we have received wisdom, favour, ideas, blessings, grace and so on!  The onus is on man to properly deploy these resources he has received. Wealth and riches are the product of making efforts, effectively utilizing one’s gifts and talents.

    Sadly mankind is taking a confused and convoluted approach to building wealth. We visit religious organisations, endlessly seeking mediation and intercession. We believe that continuously asking God for wealth will bring it. Wrong approach! We already have the ingredients. It’s time to act by using those ingredients to get the right result.

    Money is a reward for solving problems

    Now the surest formula for wealth building is to solve problems for the most people possible. Everyone who controls a vast amount of resources happens to be a problem solver. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and their ilk have made wealth solving problems for millions of people

    Again God is certainly not going to come down and solve man’s problems. You see the place of man is to consistently create value by solving problems. Wealth and riches are undoubtedly on the other side of solving problems. So, if we don’t seek for problems to solve then we shouldn’t expect wealth in our lives. In fact every time God called man He sent him to solve problems.

    Our Creator abhors laziness and slothfulness

    God hates laziness. His plan, purpose and intention for man is definitely not for him to be idle. Diligence and hard work are usually standout qualities that He expects from man. Forget about wealth building if you possess these traits!

    God desires to see everyone gainfully employed. Those who are not productive cannot impress Him.  He created the  concept of labour.  And the purpose of making man was for him to fellowship and to achieve his potential via labour.

    You can’t reap where you haven’t sown

    Another reason why God alone can’t make you rich involves the wealth building process. And God believes in everyone going through the process which entails certain steps such as sowing and reaping.

    Agriculture provides us with a useful analogy. A farmer plants (sows) hence he can harvest (reap). And the  outcome is the result of his efforts. So if he fails to make any efforts should he expect any outcomes? Therefore one cannot build wealth without putting in something.  You surely can’t expect something for doing nothing.

    Wealth is a test of character and responsibility

    Having  plenty of money really brings a lot of responsibility. Would having a lot of money really make you a better person? God knows that your values would be tested as a result of having abundant financial resources.

    You’ll definitely face trials and tests building wealth. You’ll certainly have to go through them and come out on the other side. That’s why He can’t make you wealthy on His own. He probably needs to ascertain you can handle it before He assists you to get it. The quest for wealth has derailed a lot of people.

    God wouldn’t like to see money replace Him

    More and more people have replaced God with money as the determining factor in their lives. In addition they base all their decisions on getting money at all cost. As a result they worship money, with little or no time for God. The Creator’s not going to give you what will take you away from Him.

    God essentially rewards your efforts. He tests you with little. And, if you pass he empowers and equips you for more. And if you fail? He then tests you with little again and again until you qualify for more. Tremendous wealth leads to tremendous power. The enabling environment has been provided so it’s up to the individual to build upon it.

    Money’s not the most important thing

    Money’s important. Certainly. Definitely. However it’s not the most important thing in life. There are many things more important, especially to God. And that’s why God’s more interested in your spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Your financial successes or otherwise does not change His love for you.

    Frankly speaking, the kind of life you live matters to Him. The achievement of your divine purpose matters. Even the way you care and treat others matters. And in all these one can be ok with God without being rich or financially successful.

    We all need money. There’s nothing wrong if your goal is the pursuit of enormous wealth. Wealth building is definitely a virtue. God really wants to help you along the way. So feel free to amass wealth. However be ethical and responsible in building wealth.

    Don’t let your quest for wealth cause you to derail. Because, at the end of the day money can’t make you happy for long. And don’t be tempted to make money your overriding obsession morning, noon and night. God hates having to compete for your attention.

    In conclusion put God first in all your affairs and He’ll make a way for you to succeed financially. Opportunities for wealth building abound. The Creator can easily open your eyes to see them. Depend on Him, but don’t delegate to Him. Partnering with God will surely help you get to the financial summit. Working together will surely cause the turnaround in your financial affairs you are so frantically seeking.



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