Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Bank accounts: How many accounts should you have?

In essence the decision on how many bank accounts to operate depends on several factors. Unfortunately most people continue to open bank accounts for the fun...

Introducing – a new way to save

Many people find saving money a huge challenge. The challenging economic environment makes it even harder to keep some money aside. However those who...

Can you go wrong investing in real estate?

“You can’t go wrong investing in real estate” – Unknown It’s not out of place to say that real estate investing is extremely popular nowadays....

How To Avoid Greedy Scammers When Investing

Scammers are everywhere. They're definitely closer than you think. Wherever there's money you will find  lurking those who want you to part with it....

4 Alternative Ways to Real Estate Investing

It is generally believed that real estate investing has a relatively high barrier to entry, and well,...

Cash Flow Vs Capital Gains Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies 101 There are two reasons why people invest. It is either for generating cash flow or making capital gains. Cash flow investing is...