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Forget School if you want to be wealthy

Forget School if you want to be wealthy
Young boy reading books who definitely wants to be wealthy in future

Do you want to be wealthy? Everyone does. While we all have different objectives our end product remains the same. Everybody desires money, and lots of it for that matter.

Sadly the current educational system is inadequate for acquiring wealth. We spend more than 15 years going through educational institutions. Yet only a few who want to build wealth are able to amass it in their lifetimes.

I’m convinced that this is part of some grand conspiracy to keep people in poverty. Now i maintain that this is so because:

Today’s educational system is outdated

Today’s formal education was invented during Industrial revolution of the nineteenth century by the wealthy.  They wanted to maintain control of the population by controlling their education. Thus ensuring that large amounts of wealth would remain in their hands. No wonder many who want to be wealthy are doomed to fail by going to school.

Young African lady reading book in the office.

The system is excellent at churning out employees, not employers

Education currently indoctrinates people to do as they are told. It minimizes the making of mistakes, and frowns at departures from the status quo. Most importantly one is not encouraged to take risks. Thus students want to be conformists, and see employment as security to be preferred over the freedom to pursue one’s dreams.

A lot of the curriculum isn’t very useful outside school

Schools essentially load students with a information that ends up being underutilized. In fact people might not use up to 25% of what they were taught. Of what use is Algebra, Trigonometry and Spirogyra in the world outside school today? Can this knowledge create wealth? Definitely not!

Knowledge that makes for a successful life is not emphasized

A successful life is basically one that achieves purpose. In order to do this one needs wealth, loving relationships, the right attitude and loads of belief. Sadly these necessary ingredients for success don’t make inroads into the schools curriculum. No wonder people find it very difficult if they want to be wealthy.

Lady reading book outdoors. She wants to be wealthy

It’s all about passing examinations

Our educational system rewards those who pass examinations and assessments. Thus most students only think about the next assessment and so on. At the end of the day the system churns out “qualified” people who aren’t programmed to think.

Education does not make you wealthy…knowledge does

Education is not the same thing as knowledge. According to differencebetween.net, “The primary difference between the two is that education is a formal process whereas knowledge is informal experience”.

Thus education is a process of gaining knowledge for some useful application whereas knowledge is facts acquired from good education, peers, consultations and extensive reading. Though both are correlated you need more of the latter to become wealthy.

Today it’s noteworthy that there are billionaires who never completed their education.  Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and Michael Dell did not complete university. They have been able to amass wealth and fortune notwithstanding.

Knowledge that leads to wealth and fortune is gotten outside school

Consequently it means that another “learning” is required. The type that is “non-school” that equips individuals with the required knowledge to become wealthy. 

In other words it’s learning by investing in continuous personal development, the type that can be found in relevant books and other educational materials.

Learning this way utilizes the best methods for mastering anything which is by doing. Above all it advocates taking the plunge, starting that business, taking risks, and steps towards the attainment of your goals. In the course of doing mistakes will be made, however mistakes are tools for learning how to do it better next time. 

Those who want to build wealth must undertake a detailed study of money. Above all they must read biographies on the wealthy. As at last count I have invested money and time acquiring over thirty books on money, and ten biographies on the richest people for detailed study.

Lady seeks for knowledge outside school as she wants to be wealthy

Also Forbes, Business Insider and Entrepreneur magazines are a must read. This is because they are the top publications on the subject of money. Above all I urge you to start acquiring the required knowledge and acting on the insights gleaned immediately. These studies and the application of insights will significantly impact your bottom line.

Peter Bernstein and Annalyn Swan wrote, “All the money in the world: How the Forbes 400 make – and spend – their fortunes”. They extensively researched the four hundred richest Americans over a twenty-five year period between 1982 and 2006.

The writers found out that in 2006 the average net worth of the richest people with a college degree was three billion dollars. Those on the list without a college degree were worth nearly six billion dollars! Clearly having finished school is not a guarantee of financial success.

Lady plans to read almost 15 books to get more knowledge about building wealth

In conclusion a lot of time has been spent in school learning to be an employee. Now is the time to commit to lifelong learning in order to build wealth. Going to school and getting a good job is not the formula for wealth. Surely if it was then many more people would be wealthy.

Consequently it’s time to learn useful things that will help you to build wealth. The current education system has its place for it is a helpful foundation that one can build upon, which is why we should attend.

However you cannot become wealthy without the right knowledge. It’s time to dump what hasn’t produced and replace it with what will produce. This will entail forgetting much of what was learned in school!



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