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Stop! Before you take any bank loans


  Bank loans, to take or not to take? Now that is the question. This issue is perhaps highly contentious, with compelling arguments for or against the idea. Bank loans are generally a quick and straightforward way to secure required funding, with repayment spread over

The best money advice I’ve ever received


 Sincerely speaking, what’s the best money advice you’ve ever received? I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty. Everyone has something to say about money these days. Some opinions are insightful, and many others downright ignorant. However it’s clear that money remains a major topic of discourse, both

Common pitfalls to wealth and fortune

Common pitfalls of wealth & fortune


 Many pitfalls of wealth and fortune exist.  Notwithstanding everyone desires to be wealthy. This is a legitimate desire considering most people are living in extreme lack and poverty. Many would  do anything just to break free from the hold of poverty. Thus the acquisition of