12 tips to dealing with income inequality in marriage

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    Without a doubt no two persons in a relationship earn the same. In nearly all cases one is usually out front in these matters.

    The challenge usually arises when one person’s earnings are way ahead of the other. And that’s when income inequality in marriage rears its ugly head.

    A state of inequality can lead to serious consequences for that union. And that’s why it’s important to highlight certain things that should be done when this happens.

    No matter if it’s the man or the woman that earns more money can be a strong factor in derailing marriages. After all it’s the number two cause of most divorces.

    There are certainly many homes where the man is the main earner. But with more and more women embracing their careers women are beginning to earn big time.

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    No matter who’s wearing the pants earnings-wise here are several tips to effectively managing income inequality in marriage:

    Avoid being arrogant

    Some people do not know how to behave when they start making serious money. They see it as an avenue to oppress their partners and act arrogantly.

    It’s important to act matured and consider your partner’s feelings when making money decisions. Do not look down on them because of your financial superiority.

    Don’t be envious of your partner’s success

    Most importantly envy and jealousy are negative emotions that shouldn’t be found in a marriage. In other words do your best to keep them out of your union.

    Appreciate your partner’s achievements no matter the income inequality. And let your spouse know that you appreciate their efforts.

    Discover the reason for your low earnings and take steps to fix it

    Low earnings potential could be the end result of a variety of factors. Outdated skills, lack of confidence in your abilities are just some examples.

    Embark on an audit of your career/business with your spouse. It may lead you to seeing where the issues are. It’s certainly possible that with a few tweaks your earnings could grow again.

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    Desist from making unnecessary financial demands

    During periods of income inequality in marriage it’s vital not to make unnecessary demands for money from your partner. A lot of people even resort to blackmail for this purpose.

    Furthermore it pays to be wise and prudent when requesting for resources from your spouse. He/she has worked hard to make those funds available.

    Let your partner share secrets that will help you attain financial success

    Clearly your partner knows one or two things about financial success. And that’s why they are where they are financially.

    Absolutely nothing stops you from approaching and requesting they teach you how to achieve the results they have. No good partner will decline to do so.

    Seek worthy counsel

    You might be struggling seriously with income inequality in marriage. But the good news is you’re not the first person to experience this.

    Someone who’s gone through the same thing is somewhere looking to share useful tips on how to defeat it. Seek them out and learn useful tips you can apply.

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    Embrace teamwork

    Meanwhile it might be shocking to know that only a few couples work as a team when it comes to important issues in their union.

    Most importantly be hasty to unlock the wonderful benefits that most religions preach about spouses work together towards a common goal. Blessings follow.

    Communicate a lot

    By all means necessary endeavor to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your spouse. Be open and make serious time for talk in your relationship.

    While you might be facing income inequality in marriage the fact that you communicate a lot with your spouse will deepen your relationship and make your problems seem surmountable. Ensure to talk about money as often as possible.

    Avoid lying about money

    This definitely affects both parties. The one who earns more may lie regarding his/her financial state. And the one who earns less may lie about spending habits.

    Lying, especially when it is discovered can seriously rock the foundation of any relationship which is supposed to be built on trust.

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    Spend money together

    In the same vein it’s good to make spending decisions together, no matter your financial status. This should at least be the norm in some cases.

    Nothing helps to improve the self-worth of a spouse who may be struggling financially than being consulted when money is to be spent.

    Refrain from financially abusing your partner

    Financial abuse is a form of domestic violence where one partner attempts to take full control of their partner’s money.

    This is done to exploit the other partner’s assets and sabotage their efforts to work, study or interact with others.

    Try not to think of it as “your money”

    In a serious relationship what used to be “yours” has become “ours”. This became the case the moment your union was formalized.

    Thus the plenty one partner has must be pooled together with the little the other partner has. Both parties should be able to lay claim to it.

    Final word

    To sum up, I believe it all boils down to making the right decisions. In order to deal with income inequality in marriage you must decide to take the right steps such as those outlined above.

    You’re currently in a long term relationship with someone “for better or worse, richer or poorer”. This is essentially someone you have developed feelings for. And, someone who should have equal rights in your union.

    So it shouldn’t be difficult to handle income inequity. Work hard with your partner to bring out the best in him/her financially!

    So how have you dealt with income inequality in marriage?



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