Do you desire wealth, riches and fortune? We all want these and more. “Building wealth is not beans” though. Certain deliberate and conscious steps must be taken if you are serious about this pursuit.

One of the vital steps on the journey to wealth, riches and fortune is to assemble together a money team.  Your money team is therefore a collection of several players, all performing strategic and tactical roles with the objective of your becoming wealthy.

Now credit for popularising the term Money Team should be given to the boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. which depicts the people working together with him. It’s so popular that he has converted it to a brand name for apparel and other business interests

You must engage a lawyer, accountant, banker, spiritual adviser, mentor, financial adviser and even your spouse in wealth building. Each player performs a pivotal role in helping you remain balanced, determined and focused on the race to make money.

The good news is – building a money team is not costly. You hardly need to break the bank to set up one. You can build as you go along and pay stipends  to most of these players. Or alternatively you can work with friends and loved ones in your first money team and work your way along.

In conclusion no man is an island…No one knows everything. Furthermore you will need to work with others to compliment you in this race to build a fortune. Take a look at the video below on the importance of having a money team.



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