15 forces that can hinder wealth building efforts


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    Beautiful African American woman whose efforts to build wealth are being hindered

    Wealth building is definitely a product of effort. So how are your efforts going? Is all going according to plan? I’m willing to bet that this is not the case. I’ve come to expect that you have, just like me been experiencing ups and downs. There have been days of progress, in addition to days of no progress and frustration.

    Please keep on keeping on. Don’t relent! I’m rooting for you. You will succeed eventually. It’s important for you to understand that there are many forces trying to stop you from succeeding financially. Now when I mean forces I’m not trying to sound spiritual. This post is certainly not about witches, wizards or ancestral spirits. Instead it refers to several drivers that are pushing you away from financial success.

    The word “force” represents the power to influence, affect or control. In other words this post focuses on unearthing things which can sentence one to a life of poverty. These forces include:

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    Fear is perhaps the foremost force hindering most people’s wealth building efforts. This manifests itself in a fear of the unknown or of failure. Everyone, rich or poor has failed before. The only difference is that the rich push on notwithstanding. The fact is, the rich have failed more times than the poor.

    Take steps to deal with fear by using affirmations. Read success stories about the rich and conquer your fears. Go ahead and work towards building wealth even though you may be afraid.


    Doubt is another equally powerful force limiting people from achieving wealth. It is essentially a lack of belief in your abilities to succeed or do anything meaningful with your life. It’s like a cancer, quickly eroding your self-belief. Doubters are unstable, unsure and unable to make progress.

    Deal with doubt by replacing it with faith in your abilities. Stop entertaining doubt about your abilities. Instead speak faith and affirm your capabilities. You can also move with people who believe in you and solicit the services of a mentor. Don’t give doubt any room in your life.

    Mother and Child Hippopotamus lying down inactive in the sand. Procrastination can hinder wealth building efforts,

    Procrastination and Inaction

    Lack of action. Postponing what can be done today to later. This seems subtle and ordinary but it’s a deadly force hindering wealth building. People desire to build wealth but do not do anything about it. This is commonplace with many people. They make New Year resolutions and forget about them as the year goes by. At the end of the year they achieve nothing tangible.

    The only way to eradicate procrastination is by taking action. Start taking steps towards building wealth. Start with small steps and before long you will be able to take much bigger steps.

    Envy and Jealousy

    Resenting another person’s financial success is a definite no-no if you are serious about building wealth.This sets off an emotional reaction in the jealous party that leads to poverty and lack. Envy and jealousy can even affect your health.

    Work hard and be sincerely happy for those who are successfully building wealth. In no time you will also start succeeding. God has made this world in such a way that one person’s success cannot overshadow another’s. Focus on your life and efforts and things will start working in your favour.

    Young Asian boy sitting inside a carton on the street. Lack of knowledge can seriously hinder you from financial success.

    Lack of knowledge/Ignorance

    Wealth is a product of knowledge. Acting on the knowledge and insights gathered is what sets you up for financial success. Lack of knowledge means being unaware of the skills, tools and strategies required to build wealth. You can’t amass plenty of what you do not understand.

    Defeating this force requires investing time and effort into knowing how to build wealth. Books, CDs, Online seminars and courses must be acquired on wealth building. This knowledge must also be acted upon. It is what you know and apply that can set you free.


    Complacency rears its ugly head when you get too comfortable with the status quo. You may already have some modest financial achievements and see no need to push yourself further. Therefore you tend to like things just the way they are.

    Continually challenging yourself is key to defeating complacency. You can still add more zeros to your bank balance. What is life without a challenge or goals worth striving for? Set new challenging wealth building goals for yourself and rediscover lost form.

    2 African American ladies keeping company outdoors. The wrong company will derail your efforts to build wealth

    Moving with the wrong company

    Your financial success is also heavily influenced by your company. Moving with the wrong crowd might cause you to have the wrong attitude, or even doubt your abilities to build wealth.This ends up being an obstacle to your wealth building efforts.

    The exact opposite occurs when you walk with the right company. You’ll be encouraged and motivated to achieve your money dreams. It pays to take time to audit the company that you keep. Determine to do away with those that don’t support you on the road to wealth. And replace them with those who do.

    Resistance to Change

    Change is the only constant thing in life. We live in a world of constant change. Yesterday’s solutions can quickly become obsolete. The world is constantly on the look out for innovation, better and more improved ways of doing things. Anyone who resists change runs the risk of missing out on latest trends which affect wealth building.

    Those desirous of great wealth must always be at the forefront of identifying trends and improvements and adapting to them.

    Asian Martial Arts Fighter in Training a model of discipline. Discipline is vital if you're serious about building wealth

    Not Being Disciplined

    Anything worth doing will require discipline. According to Jim Rohn, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Wealth building is no different. Without discipline nothing worthwhile can be achieved.

    Discipline requires taking action. Doing more of the difficult things required to put you on the path to achievement. While refraining from the easy/likable things that derails one from achieving great things. Becoming rich is a product of discipline and sacrifice.

    Distrusting Everyone

    Wealth building depends on people. You can’t do everything by yourself, you need others to make it happen. Wealth builders cannot afford to isolate themselves. They must work together with a team to achieve the objective of building wealth. In other words you must recruit people you can trust.

    Two things are required to end the menace of distrusting everyone. First, find and work with people who have proven their trust and loyalty to you. Second, don’t be caught assuming that everyone is disloyal and unworthy of your trust and confidence. You need others just as they need you.

    Man covering his eyes with hands. Clarity of vision is important to financial success and building wealth

    Lack of vision/clarity

    “My people perish for lack of vision,” is a common biblical refrain. The inability to be clear as to where you are going or what you want to achieve can derail you. How would you be able to measure progress without a roadmap as to where you wish to go?

    Wealth building demands clear, concise and written out goals and plans. This document must be well thought out and constantly consulted to judge progress. Those who take the time to do this have a ninety percent greater chance of succeeding than those who don’t. Brian Tracy, a master self development guru has published a lot of material in this regard. Please take the time to develop a clear vision for your life.

    Wrong Attitude

    One’s attitude towards wealth building can go a long way to determine if you will be successful or otherwise. For instance if you believe that it’s impossible to become rich without being fraudulent, that becomes a stumbling block. Attitude might be intrinsic but it defines your perspective towards wealth building. Thus it pays to develop a positive mental attitude towards wealth if you desire financial success.

    Your attitude determines your altitude. A failure to create wealth can always be traced back to a failure in attitude.

    You can't afford to lack accountability with money when building wealth. Woman counting money

    Lack of accountability with money

    Those who cannot control or rein in their spending habits cannot build wealth. A lack of accountability with money forces you to spend and spend believing another money is coming. Money is not meant  to be spent, but  to be invested and multiplied. You put money to work  so it can produce more for you.

    Working with a budget and curbing emotional spending will set you on the right path to fiscal discipline.

    Failure to create value

    Serious wealth is the product of value creation. In other words the more valuable your product or service is, the more people would be willing to exchange their money for it. Closely related to this is the concept of solving problems. The richest people are involved in solving problems for the most number of people.

    You can’t build wealth if you’re not value driven. Determine to create solutions for people for which they’ll be willing to exchange their hard earned money for.

    Young white girl looking through a telescope. Avoid looking for shortcuts when building wealth

    Looking for shortcuts

    The world is full of people who don’t want to labour to build wealth. These people want to become wealthy any which way, through the shortest route possible. In a bid to become wealthy they turn to crime and other vices such as gambling and betting hoping it will take them to wealth.

    True and lasting wealth comes with peace of mind. Wealth built using shortcuts won’t last and those who do will eventually end up losing it all. Don’t follow the shortcut route to wealth.

    The final word on your wealth building efforts

    Something is holding you back from where you want to be financially. You need to take time to analyze and discover what it might be. It’s highly likely that one or more of the forces highlighted above may have led to your current situation.

    Once you’ve discovered the particular hindrance(s) then take steps to deal with it and turn the situation around. Research on how to deal with it and act on what you now know.

    In no time you will begin to see your financial fortunes change for the better. I see you go on to great and lasting wealth, after dealing with the forces holding you back.



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